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澳洲雇主担保类合格签证 - FLYabroad

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澳洲境内申请雇主担保签证需持有的合格签证 - FLYabroad

如果在澳大利亚境内申请雇主提名类签证(ENS - Employer Nomination Scheme)或偏远地区雇主担保类签证(RSMS - Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme),必须持有合格的签证,或者距离上个合格签证过期不超过28天。

境内认可的可以申请 ENS 和 RSMS 的合格签证有:

Business (Temporary) Class TB
Cultural/Social (Temporary) Class TE
Educational (Temporary) Class TH
Family Relationship (Temporary) Class TL
Interdependency (Temporary) Class TM
Medical Practitioner (Temporary) Class UE
Special Category (Temporary) Class TY
Supported Dependant (Temporary) Class TW
New Zealand Citizen (Family Relationship) (Temporary) Class UP
Skilled-Independent Regional (Provisional) Class UX
Subclass 457 - Business (Long Stay)
Working Holiday (Temporary) Class TZ
Student (Temporary) Class TU visa granted in relation to an award course at diploma level or above completed by the primary or main applicant while they were the holder of that visa
Confirmatory (Temporary) Class TD
Graduate-Skilled (Temporary) Class UQ
Subclass 161 - Senior Executive (Provisional)
Subclass 164 - State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive (Provisional)
Skilled (Provisional) Class VC
Skilled (Provisional) Class VF.

只适用于申请 RSMS 的合格签证有:
471 Trade Skills Training


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